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Hammer & Stain is a Do-it-Yourself Studio specializing in Home Decor. Attend a Public Workshop, Book a Private Party, or just spend time crafting during the day with us. We offer all types of home decor projects from Wall Signs, Porch Decor, Chunky Knit Blankets, and Functional Decor. We will walk you through the process step by step, sharing our tips and painting techniques to add texture and visual interest to your one of a kind handmade projects. We want you to make something you'd display proudly. If the public setting isn't for you, you can even grab a Kit and Take it Home to craft at your convenience!

Everyone can enjoy the experience at Hammer & Stain Of Central California from advanced to beginner, and any and all age groups. We offer custom projects and premade projects as well and you can even pop in for movie or date nights.

If you don't see the project you'd like, just send us a message to and we will help you bring your vision to life.

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Mark your calendars in advance for our upcoming Fourth of July Workshops. These Patriotic Parties will fill up fast.
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Spruce up the room with the Best Seat in the House...
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Nothing says love like handmade...

When you craft with us at Hammer & Stain, you leave a piece of yourself in your creation. Whether you are giving a gift or keeping your project for yourself, your masterpiece will have your heart in it...

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